St Andrews Hotel Exeter Devon

Arrival and check-in:


Reception areas have been reconfigured where necessary and marked out to ensure social distancing. 


Any keys, pens or credit card terminals that you come into contact with will be disinfected after each use. Using digital payment reduces the need for contact.


Hand sanitising station and protective screen installed at reception.


All surfaces, screens, door handles and equipment will be regularly cleaned and sanitised throughout the day.


Guest can leave the room key at the reception desk on departure.


We strongly recommend that you download the government-approved track and tracing app to ensure we are all alerted to any guests who may pose a risk of spreading Covid-19.


For contactless check-in, kindly contact the reception team on 01392 276784 or reservations



Common Areas:


We have heightened and enhanced our cleaning procedures to include extensive cleaning of shared and high touch surfaces.


One way system has been introduced where possible in the common areas to avoid overcrowding and risk of contamination.


The customer toilet is equipped with sanitising hand wash at the basins, as well as contact-free hand dryers and/or disposable hand towels.


To avoid overcrowding and unnecessary contact we politely ask that guests use the bathrooms in their bedrooms.


Sanitisers provided in key public areas.


Guests are required by law to wear face coverings when in public areas to mitigate the risk of contamination.





Rooms and public areas are ventilated regularly.


Enhanced rigorous cleaning and disinfecting of guest rooms are undertaken, paying extra attention to common touch.


Fabric items and other furniture are sprayed with an approved sanitising solution, which is effective in killing Covid-19.


Linens and towels are professionally washed on high heat to thermally disinfect.


Any menus in the room are wipeable and cleaned after each stay.



Food & Drinks:


The dining hall seating is reconfigured to promote social distancing.


We will be offering an à la carte breakfast for you to enjoy during your stay.


All menus are wipeable and cleaned after each use.



Staff Training:


As per government guidelines, our staff members will be wearing masks at all times throughout the hotel. The guidelines state that masks should be worn in public/common spaces.


All our team are trained on safety, hygiene and physical distancing norms to ensure your wellbeing and delight, every time.



Advice to Guests and Employees:


Prior to your visit, please let us know as soon as possible if you develop COVID-19 symptoms, or have been asked to self-isolate within 14 days of your stay. As per government guidelines, please do not travel to us.


If you've become ill in our hotel or feel you may have been in close contact with someone with confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19):


  • Call reception immediately. Our reception team will contact the Local Health Authorities on your behalf. If you call the Local Health Authorities yourself, please advise our reception team immediately.
  • Stay in your hotel room.
  • Avoid contact with other guests or employees.


Please visit the NHS website for the latest information and contact details in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19). 


*Please note: Subject to the latest guidelines we will be constantly reviewing our processes and precautions. This guide will be updated to give you the very latest information.  






The welfare of our guests and team has always been our first priority. As the world is adjusting to a new normal, we are making every effort to maintain high levels of safety, hygiene and physical distancing practices. Here are the changes we have made to give you the peace of mind you deserve.




St Andrews Hotel Exeter Devon

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St Andrews Hotel Exeter Devon
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St Andrews Hotel Exeter Devon